Turkey Hotels and Hostels

Originally posted August 1, 2013 by Svetopolis

For those looking for some input on hotels and hostels in some of the major tourist destinations in Turkey, I put together this little review of the places we stayed at in Istanbul, Kusadasi, Fethiye, Olimpos, Goreme, Ankara and Safranbolu.

Overall, I think we found most of the hostels and hotels we stayed at in Turkey to be clean and decent, modern accommodations. Most of the staff at the places we stayed spoke English and were helpful in most of the things we asked for and needed. This is a list of the places we stayed at during our 3 and 1/2 weeks in Turkey…

Metropolis Hostel (Istanbul) is nestled in the backstreets behind the Haiga Sophia. Though a block from the busy (and loud) tourist cafes and bars of Sultanahmet, the hostel was fairly quiet and relaxed. It was a quick walk to the main attractions of Sultanahmet (and tram stop) and a 5 minute walk to the Bosphorus. The English speaking staff at the front desk was helpful. You can book a bunch of side tours through the front desk too. (That’s where we booked our Fethiye- Olympos gullet crusie.) Turkish Breakfast is included on the top balcony… Spectacular views of the Bosphorus. The 4 and 6 person dorm rooms were clean with AC, lockers and wifi. The bathrooms were tiny and the downstairs shower smelled moldy. They also have private rooms in a location a block away. We walked into other hostels in the area to ask about prices and Metropolis had the best deal that we found.

  • 28 tl (6 bed dorm), 44 tl (4 bed dorm on a weekday in high season), 48 tl (4 bed dorm on weekend in high season)
  • Tele: 0212-518-1822
  • www.metropolishostel.com

Hotel Stella (Kusadasi) is located nearby the cruise ship port on the hill leading up to the Ataturk monument. With great views of the bay and the city, rooms were clean. All the dorm rooms were located on the top (6th floor) And the rest of the hotel looked like a “normal” hotel. The dorm bathroom was limited (only one toilet and shower for the 4 or 5 dorm rooms), dark and damp. We were upgraded for free to a room and it had a shower and toilet, TV, refrigerator and a broken AC unit. They have free wifi, a lounge and pool too. The staff (seemed like it was a family-run operation) was friendly and helpful and understood English enough. To and from the Otogar we took a dolmus to Centrum and walked through the city center to the cruise terminal. (We also took a minibus headed to Sehiriçi and that took us closer.) You can see the hotel’s sign up on the hill as you walk southwest from the terminal. There is a back alley entrance from sea level or you can walk up a huge hill through back streets to get to the main street level entrance.

Hotel Olivia (Kusadasi): I have to give a shout out to Hotel Olivia. We didn’t stay there but when we were lost trying to find my friend’s house in the outskirts of town, the general manager gave us a ride to where we were staying the first night in town. The hotel looked nice inside with a big pool and a lot of British tourists.

  • Tele: 0256-622-0760

Fethiye Guesthouse Traveller’s Inn (Fethiye): Upon arriving at the Fethiye bus station, we were shuttled for free to our hostel by Pamukkale Bus Co. (The guesthouse was a couple of kilometers from the station, old town and the impressive Lycian tombs.) The place was decent with AC and wifi, though the room was cramped and we were put up in the staff dorm (which was a bit awkward since their stuff was there and the room was a little more “lived in”). The shower took some finagling to get hot water to come on. Breakfast was included and they had a nice patio to sit on. From here, the friendly mostly Australian staff took us to the starting point to catch our gullet cruise.


Saban Pansion Treehouses (Olympos): Olympos is filled with similar treehouse/bungalow accommodations like Saban, so it’s hard to say which one is the best, since they all seem so similar with the same amenities with outside showers and restrooms and internet (though the wifi was hit or miss at Saban). I was recommended Saban by a friend, and the place was relaxing with hammocks and shaded bungalows with cushions to lie, drink and eat on. A tasty breakfast and dinner was included in the price. Saban was located only 400 meters from the entrance to the Olympos ruins/beach. Saban seemed a little more low-key than the other treehouses (with loud music that played all night from the others). It was a little awkward, though, to have the owner’s whole family hanging around with small babies and kids crying and yelling.


Rock Valley Pansion (Goreme): When we first arrived, we followed Google Maps’ directions and it led us north in the opposite direction of the hotel–which was totally not where it was supposed to be. We eventually asked someone for directions and they helped us out. The hostel is located behind the mosque. Keep following the “river” going south (up the valley) on the left hand side. You’ll pass an airport shuttle service and a small playground. It’s located at the end of the street. the dorm room is fairly big with 6 beds. However, there is only one toilet and shower for the other rooms to share. There is also a pool area.

  • 11€ (breakfast included, including French toast)

This pic not where Rock Valley Pansion is… Google Maps was wrong. This happened to our other friends too when they were trying to find their hostel in Goreme…

Deeps Hostel (Ankara) is located conveniently near the “Kolej” metro stop and a couple of blocks from the Kizalay neighborhood. There is a kitchen, which was a nice plus for us in being able to make our own dinner. (Seems like many of the hostels in Turkey lack kitchens to make your own food.) The hostel wasn’t anything too special, but being one of very few, if any, hostels in Ankara, it did the job.


Efe Backpackers Pension (Safranbolu): Of all the hostels and hotels we stayed during our Turkey trip. This was our least favorite. The staff was not particularly friendly or helpful. While trying to get reservations, the staff emailed back with confusing messages and price quotes. When we eventually showed up, expecting to be in the dorm, they said that they only had a 2 person private room for that night. The room was clean and the bathroom was nice enough. The next day we moved to the dorm, which was pretty crowded feeling. The bathroom was also not very nice. It was a pit toilet and shower combo. Nevertheless, the hostel is located near the old town’s main taxi and bus stop (near the Turkish bath).

  • 20 tl (6 person dorm, per person), 80 tl (2 person too with private bath), breakfast included

The last night of our trip we met up with some friends.  They just happened to be staying at the Four Seasons Bosphorus! Here are some pics of what luxury travel options you could have at the Four Seasons and the 55k Euro a night Ottoman Suites at the Ciragan Palace (Kempinski Hotels)… Though you may have to get on the waiting list since Madonna, Vlad Putin and the Prez of Mexico already have reservations for those rooms…


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